Grand Rapids High School Transition Program

The Transition Program at Grand Rapids High School is designed for students with special needs to meet their unique transition from high school to adulthood. The classes offered follow the I.E.P. format, covering the five transition areas. Students whoparticipate in the transition program may be involved with all or some of the classes offered. The student's I.E.P. team makes the decisions regarding the student's schedule based upon his/her needs. The classes offered include Work Seminar and Work Experience, Home Living, Life Skills, Community and Recreation and Leisure.

Guided Instruction is a class designed to meet the student's unique needs. In this class students will learn skills determined for them by their I.E.P. team that may not fit into the other Transition classes.


Ann Carlson                                          Michael Lonergan                                                    Jamie Riendeau
DCD Teacher                                  DCD Teacher/Work Experience Coordinator                                 DCD Teacher
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