Policies of Classroom and Work Experience

  - You may use a CD player or mp3 only if the teacher says you may use it.
  - No cell phone use during class. 
  - Respect others
  - Be on time to class
  - Be ready to learn. Have all the materials out including a pencil.
  - Do not rock the chairs.
  - You may not use the computer unless you have permission from a teacher.

Daily Schedule

                      Ann Carlson                               Micheal Lonergan                 Jamie Riendeau   
1st Hour..     Duty                                               Work Seminar                          Guided Instruction

2nd Hour..   Guided Instruction                        Work Experience                     Guided Instruction
3rd Hour..    Guided Instruction                        Duty                                           Recreation and Leisure
4th Hour..     Life Skills                                      Math                                          Guided Instruction
5th Hour..     Life skills                                       Home Living                            Duty
6th Hour..     Community Class                        Prep                                          Recreation and Leisure
7th Hour..      Prep                                             Work Seminar                          Prep